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“We continue to transform and grow ourselves to delight our clients with the philosophy of top quality and speed with one window service”


Welcome to Kok Thlork Real Estate and Investment. Our company is the first leading firm to provide you with one window service for local and international investors. We provide a wide ranges of services including legal services, real estate services, interior and exterior design, architecture, engineering and construction.

As one of the top real estate service firm in the Cambodia, we strive to become the leader in the property market through offering the best premium services to our clients. Specializing in end-to-end property solutions, our main task focuses on addressing residents' needs and aspirations via providing them with a wide range of top line properties in different prime locations that reflect their lifestyle and spirit.

Kok Thlork Real Estate and Investment not only provides a property brokerage service but also a consultancy and initiatives for our investor. We give advises, we design and we build for the mutual benefits with our partners. We dedicated to maintain our best quality of services by our achieving our long term vision of becoming one of the leading real estate and investment firm in ASEAN market. In addition, our team is comprised of experienced professionals who have thorough knowledge in the field, and who work on understanding the requirements and needs of all stakeholders including landlords, investors and tenants.

In my view, the current Cambodia’s property market is providing opportunities for local as well as international investors to have a big earning in their investment. However, there are some principle and factors that we have to consider before investing in real estate market. The main principle is to invest or buy properties when the sellers are willing to sell and sell them back when the buyers are willing to buy. Beside this, investors should consider and analyze some factors including density of population, potential of development, location, living standard of the surrounding population, infrastructure development …etc.

At last, I would like to express my sincere thanks for our clients, local and international investors who are always supporting our services. I wish you all with good health, good luck and success in our business.


Hor Chamroeun
Chief Executive Officer
Kok Thlork Real Estate and Investment

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