The construction sector in Cambodia has seen a significant development during the last decade and this trend is expectedly to continue for at least a few more decades. This growth derives from the rise of the population’s income and the influx of foreign investment in the real estate and construction market.

The sector become more and more challenging and can be considered one of the main pillar in supporting the country’s economy. The population’s mindset in term of housing design and construction has changed overtime due to their income growth. It becomes more and more customized and moves from standardized design to customized and modern design.

Kok Thlork Real Estate and Investment is one of the leading project management and construction companies in Cambodia, known for our ability to deliver high-quality projects on time and budget.  Our commitment is strong for health and safety. We provide innovative and industry-leading project management, construction and design services in Phnom Penh as well as in some major provinces of Cambodia.

Our comprehensive offering includes project and program management, design and construction, construction management, design management, multi-site solutions and consulting. Our in-house design and architectural teams combine traditional design skills with specialist technical capabilities in areas ranging from traditional architectural to urban design. We bring our expertise to build all kind of building including flat, villa, commercial office, warehouse, retail, hospitality and other type of building with affordable cost and on time schedule.

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