Asset & Property Appraisal

Currently, with the growing of investment and financial sector, asset appraisal service plays a crucial role in providing an indicative value of any properties to bankers or investors. It help to coordinate the demand and supply in the financial and investment market by mitigating its risk.

Who we are?

Kok Thlork’s asset appraisal service is one of the major service of Kok Thlork Real Estate and Investment Co., Ltd. It is comprised of experienced professional license appraisers who can provide a high quality of valuation services with trust, transparency and accountability.

What we do?

Our department provide all kind of asset appraisal services including land, houses, building, condominium, machinery, furniture, and other assets. Moreover, we are also able to estimate the value of business for the purpose of purchasing, selling or sharing business capital. Our valuation approaches used are as below:

  • Sale comparison approach
  • Cost approach
  • Income approach

Why you need appraisal services?

Most of our clients need appraisal services for the following services:

  • To understand their asset or property’s value
  • To use the appraisal report for getting loan from any banks
  • To buy and sell their property
  • To establish a joint-venture business.
  • To show the real value of their properties to Embassy for the purpose of applying visa.
  • To understand the backdate and future value of their properties or business.

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